With great pleasure we would like to introduce two fantastic presenters of plenary lectures, which will take place during the 27th KomPlasTech Conference. The first one, scheduled in the morning, will be industrial lecture given by Mr Luc Van De Putte from ArcelorMittal Belgium cluster, while the second one, held in the afternoon session, will be presented by Dr Tudor Balan from Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology.

  • Plenary lecture in the morning session: Evolution of data science tools in a steel company
    Luc Van De Putte
    ArcelorMittal Belgium cluster, Gent, Genk, Liege, Belgium

    Luc Van De Putte Graduated in 1988 from University of Ghent as Civil Engineer in Electro Mechanics & Control Systems. Defended master thesis entitled Expert System for road planning. He started in the Sidmar steelplant (ArcelorMittal Gent) in 1988, as engineer responsible for Computer Systems & Process Models. In this function he covered the whole steelmaking process and was responsible for everything related to IT, Industrial Automation and Models. The focus was on improving the process control, thus allowing to enhance productivity, quality and costs. In 2017 he moved to Poland, where he lead the Modelling team. With this modelling team, the scope was extended from the steelmaking process to the whole production chain from raw material to finished product. Now, he is employed in ArcelorMittal Belgium cluster in Process & IT for Primary departments (Raw Materials, Port, Transport, Cokes plant, Sinter plant, Blast furnaces) responsible for introduction of data science tools.
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  • Plenary lecture in the afternoon session: Discriminant hardening model evaluation for springback prediction
    Tudor Balan, Yanfeng Yang, Hocine Chalal, Gabriela Vincze, Cyrille Baudouin
    Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, Paris, France

    Tudor Balan Dr Tudor Balan is Associate Professor at Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology, the largest French engineering school. His research work covers metal forming process simulation in general, with a focus on material modeling for both bulk and sheet metal forming, hot and cold. Dr Balan mainly contributed to the numerical treatment of constitutive models: finite element implementation of advanced models, parameter identification, optimization. For several years he worked part-time in the automotive industry as a senior expert in process simulation. His h-index is 13 with 45 papers listed on the web of science and almost 700 citations.
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